Protecting Our Clients Like They Are Family

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In October 2021, a federal grand jury in Lexington, Kentucky, acquitted Khalid’s client, Dr. Assad Nasr, after a week-long trial. Dr. Nasr, a Louisville pharmacist, was charged in 2018 for allegedly conspiring with others to illegally distribute pain pills, namely oxymorphone and oxycodone. The prosecutors alleged that Dr. Nasr was part of a chain conspiracy that involved a physician who issue prescriptions for pain pills outside the professional course and without a legitimate medical purpose. The government had previously won convictions at trial against the doctor and another pharmacist who faced similar allegations. Several patients who had had their prescriptions filled by Dr. Nasr had also been convicted and had agreed to and did testify against Dr. Nasr at his trial.

Through meticulous case preparation and careful cross-examination of the government’s witnesses, including DEA agents, and testimony of character witnesses called by the defense, Khalid was able to convince the jury that Dr. Assad was not guilty. The jurors returned a not guilty verdict after deliberating for about two hours. It is noteworthy that Dr. Nasr kept his license and was able to work while the case remained pending for three years. As a result of the acquittal, two pharmacy state boards that had initiated investigations against Dr. Nasr after he was indicted closed their cases without any action against Dr. Nasr’s license.